Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Making Money With Viral Traffic

Making Money With Viral Traffic

Making money with viral traffic is different from making money with any other kind of traffic. Usually people come to your website for specific information, maybe even from a social media share. They don't know who you are or what to expect from your site.

Because of this, the bounce rate from viral traffic is higher and conversion rates are lower. Don't let this discourage you, there are still many ways to make money with viral traffic.

1. Build a List Using Viral Traffic

Viral traffic doesn't convert right away. The best thing is to try to build a list with this traffic. Get these people on a email list so that you can develop a relationship. Target the type of content that got them to sign-up with.

Keep in mind that your opt-in rates with viral traffic will be less than that of the traffic hitting your home page.

2. Make Use Of An RSS Feed

Viral traffic would most likely be more interested in subscribing to your RSS Feed. When you post or update your blog then they'll automatically get your content. This is a good way to develop a relationship and most likely, they will feel better about buying something from you.

3. Advertising

If you have acheived a consistant high volume of traffic that's not producing revenue, try advertising.

Advertising is easier to make money from if you have a large amount of traffic. A good place to start is Google Adsense, from there move on to direct ad deals.

Are you using YouTube videos? If you have a lot of viral traffic from YouTube, then you might be able to get into YouTube's partner program. You will need to produce videos regularly that get over 100,000 views to qualify, however the money is pretty decent. YouTube's partner program has a revenue split arrangement.

4. Consider CPA (cost per action)

Since it's fairly difficult to convert viral traffic into sales, look into getting paid for leads.

Cost Per Action (CPA) networks are willing to pay anywhere from $2 to $12 just for leads in specific industries.

This is one of the best ways to make money from viral traffic. Viral traffic isn't good for first time sales, therefore you must lower the commitment methods of monetization.

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