Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Article Promotion-Taking A Closer Look

Article Promotion-Taking A Closer Look

Whether you realize it or not, internet sites receive about 75% of visitors from search engines (Google, Yahoo or MSN). Everyone knows that Google is the leader in the search engine market. And, every webmaster in the world are trying to achieve good rankings in Google’s search engine result pages (SERPS).
For anything we might publish to the internet, we must have a collection of inbound links to our websites or articles. Some webmasters will sell links to make extra cash. Not very profitable today with Google’s Panda updates. Hence, Google has penalized most link selling sites.

Link exchanges have come under similar scrutiny from Google. However Google suggests to collect many quality inbound links to achieve better rankings in the SERPS.
Directories have lost most of their Page Rank as well. Well known directories were penalized which make them useless for link campaigns.
One way for webmasters to get good quality inbound links is an article directory. Article directories work by you writing a good quality article and submit it to the directory. Again, it is important to write unique content, Google reduces the Page Rank for duplicate content. From these article directories, it is more likely to get good inbound links.
Articles in these directories are sometimes used by other website owners for content. The only way they can do this is not to change the article and to leave the links inside the article intact. The links in these articles can go to your own business website or blog. Contributing your content to another website brings good inbound links, thus increasing your Page Rankings.
Writing articles can be tedious and time consuming, but, you will get long lasting links. And, these links will bring steady traffic to your opportunity and greater revenue to your bottom line.

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