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AffiloJetPack Review: 5 Step Formula To Making 10K/Mo.

AffiloJetPack Review: 5 Step Formula To Making 10K/Mo.

5 Step Formula To Making 10K/Mo. is a wonderful free report. You get to see how millionare Mark Ling builds affiliate websites. If you are interested in getting your own copy, then click the link below. I must warn you, it is available for a limited time! Here''s the download link:

==> 5-Step Formula to Earning $10,000/Month Online

A little something about Mark Ling. While working two minimum wage jobs, Mark built his first website back in the '90s. When he made his first paycheck from his sites, he knew that this was the way to go. He earned a six-figure income online, after building more websites.


After on bad decision, he lost everything he worked for. This led him to taking a job at a call center. Even at this low point, he knew that he had to try again. He got back into affiliate marketing and today he is a seven-figure affiliate marketer. Now he's looking to share his experiences and knowledge to people all over the world.

5 Money-Making Steps Mark Takes For Each Website

The afore mentioned free report, reveals the 5-Steps he takes for each website. This is written in an easy to understand format, anyone can follow this. You go into this knowing that these are the actual 5-Steps Mark uses for his own 


11 Affiliate Marketing Niches That You Should Be In

Mark gives you the 11 niches that you can make the most money off of. If you're into affiliate marketing, are you in the right niches?  If you haven't made your first website out yet, then you need to know these niches.

Uncovering The Best Affiliate Marketing Products to Promote

This free report shows you the steps Mark uses to find the best products to promote. Choosing the wrong product, that doesn't convert, then you could be wasting money sending traffic to that offer. Read this free report and avoid losing money and wasting time.

Watch The Webinar Series

Included with this report, you will get access to a webinar series. The webinar series is also free. Learn about where to purchase traffic. This is all available for a limited time, so download the free report and get access to the webinar series on Mark's secret traffic methods.

The Report is Awesome, so Download it Right Now!

If you want to be successful like Mark Ling, then Download this free report and sign-up for the Webinar Series. Learn how to build affiliate sites the right way and get Mark's secret traffic methods. Click the Link in the Video and Get Your Free Report!

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Boosting Your Social Media Marketing | Fan Page Robot

Boosting Your Social Media Marketing | Fan Page Robot

Most people think of social media as a website to log into, to see what friends and family are doing everyday. Many don't realize that social media is a powerful marketing tool to make money. People chatting on their favorite social media site chatting to friends, don't even think about products and services being offered. But, social media is the perfect place to promote. One advantage of social media is the ability to target highly motivated visitors. Right here, in this article, you will read about strategies angled to boosting you social media marketing. And to also introduce a program that will automate a lot of your marketing. This product is Fan Page Robot.

social media marketing

First, we need to know that there is a specific way to social media marketing. Just placing affiliate links to your money sites isn't going to work. It would have the same effect as telemarketing, we know how we hate telemarketers. People aren't on Facebook to buy things. Even if you use the advertising platform offered by social media sites, you might not get favorable results.

The main purpose of social media is for people to interact with one another. Some have joined groups to talk about one particular topic. These groups is where you start your marketing efforts. Tapping into these niche specific groups can increase your chances for making sales. So you look for groups with like minded people looking for products, that you can sell to them. You just don't jump in with your trusty affiliate link. This is about gaining trust, getting to know people and making your presence known.

Offer something for free. Start posting a link related to what everyone is talking about. After posting that link, people will expect to see more from you. After a while, you can start posting your own links. They will simply click on the links as they have been doing, leading to future sales. It's all about trust and conditioning.

Now to my offer, Fan Page Robot. Check Out the Video Below and It will explain it better than I can.

Video Source: WordpressTutorial 

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For You (Making Money)

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For You (Making Money)

Video Source: Fergal Downes

For those who have joined Wealthy Affiliate, there is one word that describes them, Successful. Now, How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For You? Making Money, freedom to do things you've wanted to. Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to start and grow an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketers are very important to a product creator. So, just by looking at affiliate marketing without training suggest that you will already get help. However, even with the product creators help and materials, you will still need to know how to put it together correctly. To the product creator, or merchant, affiliate marketers are gold. The marketers are the ones who advertise and drive the traffic to make the sales. The merchant makes money without spending at this point.

Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Everyday the Internet grows exponentially. More and more people are searching for products and services to purchase. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to find these people, and how to get your offer in front of them for sales. Wealthy Affiliate will keep you from making the novice mistakes, forcing many to give up on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is ever changing, however, if you have a solid foothold on the basics you can make money.

Most beginning affiliate marketers think that it's just a matter of advertising. What's needed is a good understanding on the marketing part. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the marketing side, to truly make affiliate marketing a cash cow. Those marketers who are experienced know that you must market your website as well as promote your offer. Selling and advertising are strong parts of marketing, however, strategy makes it all come together. Strategy makes the difference in quitting broke and becoming a profitable affiliate marketer.

An affiliate marketer is compensated for the visitors they send to a merchant site. But only when that visitor purchases, do you as the marketer get paid. This compensation is known as a commission. The commission size depends on what the merchant has agreed to pay. It is necessary to understand the commission structure before putting your time and effort into promoting a product.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you the training to find profitable niches. They will show you the correct way to set-up and maintain your blog. And if you have questions, Wealthy Affiliate has a large community of marketers that are glad to help.

To Join Wealthy Affiliate is Free. If you want more advanced training and tools then the first month is $19 and $49 every month after that. You can quit anytime you want, there is no long drawn out contract, it's a month to month deal.

So If This Is For You, then Click Here ==> Wealthy Affiliate, and get More Information on this Priceless Affiliate Marketing Training.

Video Source: Impending Perfection

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How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Source: Brok Webb

The Affiliate Marketing Training Program Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn how to make money in affiliate marketing. If you don't know what affiliate marketing is then Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect program for you. Basiclly, affiliate marketing is a way to sell a product or service online for which you'll get a commission for that sale. You don't have to create the product, you don't have to worry about customer service, this is what you would call a win-win.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the many marketing methods along with helping you set-up and maintain a money making blog. Actually, if you are a Free Member, you will get to set-up two blogs. Now being a Free Member, you'll get training that will lay a solid ground work for beginning affiliate marketers. If you go Premium then you'll get a lot more training and free tools. Tools for Keyword Research, Article Writing and tons more.

how to make money with wealthy affiliate

Using your blog, you can write reviews for different products in your selected niche. Reviews have been a great way to make money selling products. It is, however, necessary to purchase the product yourself to give a good and honest review. Your blog will be a great way to make those reviews and establish your brand as an expert.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you solid training for you to make that steady income online. Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. Click Here For More Info and sign up for a Free Membership, no one will pressure you to upgrade. Thank You for your time and I'll see you inside!

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing-Get The Best Training

How To Start Affiliate Marketing-Get The Best Training

Joining a good affiliate marketing program is a great way to earn extra money, while working your day job. Have you thought about selling products online? Well, this article will open the doors on, how to start affiliate marketing by getting the best training. Look over this article and learn about the opportunities in affiliate marketing.

Whether you're a newbie or an experienced marketer, anyone can join an affiliate marketing program. However, those of you who are more experienced in selling tend to be more successful quicker. For those who are totally new at this, I suggest some training on the basics. Of course, you can learn a lot about selling by reading books and watching video tutorials on YouTube. This is not a, throw it together in two minutes kind of deal. Most affiliate marketers spend several hours on campaigns to get the maximum return on investment (ROI). If you have a full time job, it is best to set aside some free time to truely get the full understanding of this.

Choosing an excellent affiliate marketing program is very important. Find a program that has a strong brand with a good reputation. The weaker brand programs tend to offer higher commissions to attract affiliate marketers. There is no subsitute for good ole fashion research. Besides, selling for a well known brand will make it easier to promote, especially if you're a beginning affiliate marketer.

Find quality products that can compete with the products that are in the brick and mortar stores. Your job is to convince people why it is benefitial to buy from you. If customers can find your item in a store, at a better deal, then don't expect them to hang around. Do a thorough comparison with items offered by your program to products found in stores or online. To sell the product you must know the product. This means do your own testing, to make sure it is of high quality.

Using methods already in place to promote is ok, however, create you own way to promote your product. Most affiliate marketers use blogging to brand themselves and to advertise. Launch a blog and establish a strong presence where potential customers might be. Create a profile on the right social networks. Keep in mind, if your customer doesn't shop online then it's useless to try to sell to them online. Developing a strong network is another great way to reach out to potential customers. Know your audience, this will be useful as far as promoting to them.

Hopefully these tips will help you become successful as an affiliate marketer. As far as the Best Affiliate Marketing Training, here is a training program you can join for FREE Wealthy Affiliate, check it out, it has lots of valuable content.

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What Are The Advantages Of Blogging?

What Are The Advantages Of Blogging?

Blogs, blogs, and more blogs. Blogs have taken over, over the old static websites. For the smart ones, people are adding blogs to static websites. There are people who use blogging to express their opinions. While, companies use blogs to keep their customers updated on new products and special offers. This is one of the advantages of blogging over a static website.

Blogs can be set up with web-hosting a domain and wordpress. The static sites, you need to know HTML or PHP, or some other language. After creating a static site page you will need to upload it to a server. With blogs it's taken care of with just a few clicks of the mouse. After uploading to a server, you would need to check the page for proper formatting. If it's not right, then it's back to the coding process and uploading it again. Sounds exhausting, especially when after a few clicks, your blog is set up and ready to go. Simply log in, write a post, and then click the publish button.

The ease of posting on a blog, means that frequent post can be made. Increased frequency means  fresh content on a regular basis. This is good for hungry readers, looking for the newest post. Another advantage is that the search engines love fresh content, which gives the site higher rankings.

Cost. A blog can be started for free. Free platforms like Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress. As a matter of fact, you don't even need to buy a domain name. However, if you do have your own domain, you can install blog software on your existing website sometimes for free. Even the free blogging platforms offer an easy way to customize your blog.

Whether if it's a paid or free platform, you can add plug-ins or apps to give your blog many features. You can get plug-ins that will allow your reader to share your post to Social media. That will give your blog a greater reach. There are other plug-ins like some for SEO and plug-ins that will allow you to use special widgets. These widgets are for Banners, videos and opt-in forms.

The popularity of blogs allows greater interaction with readers. Such interaction is usually done through the comments section. Popular blogs will have spirited and robust conversations in the comments section. A blog owner can gauge the mood and expectations of his readers. With the ease of putting up a blog, I'm surprised that more people don't have one. Like I said before, this can be a big advantage to a company.

Being able to post fresh and entertaining content at a regular frequency, is just the thing that will keep readers coming back. With happy readers, you can look for your  readership to grow.

Friday, October 14, 2016

5 Great Tips For Beginning Affiliate Marketers

5 Great Tips For Beginning Affiliate Marketers

The popularity of Affiliate Marketing for increasing income or even a start-up business, mainly because of the low start-up cost and the ability to work from home. Not a lot of technical knowledge is needed to be an affiliate marketer. All is needed, as a matter of fact, is a few tips to get started. Here are 5 great tips for beginning affiliate marketers.

1. Search for unique and useful products to promote

Choosing products that are popular, or what other marketers are promoting, will put you in the middle of major competition. A product that is unique, and still in demand, will give you an advantage of not having a lot of competition. Buyers will be easier to find.

2. Affiliate program and tools the merchant is offering

A product that has a lot of affiliate support can make promoting much easier. Check to see if the merchant provides banners, images, keywords, articles or even email swipes. If for nothing else, but to have something that will get the creative juices flowing.

3. Examples of affiliate resources:

  • Articles
  • Pre-written emails
  • Banners
  • Adwords adverts
  • Free eBook samples
  • Product Images

4. Tracking on your websites

Track and test your results. Most overlook this part of affiliate marketing. This will allow you to tweak your campaigns and sales letters for maximum effectiveness. Knowing where your visitors are coming from and how they found you, also what they are looking at when they visit your website.
There are several tracking software programs out there. However, if you want to save money, use Google Analytics (FREE).

5. Re-occurring or Passive income

How an affiliate marketer is paid is buy the percentage of a sale, determined by the merchant. Some products are one off sales, some are membership products. Membership products, the buyer is billed every month for the product, or service. You as the affiliate marketer, get a percentage of that monthly billing, every month. You get to make a nice monthly income from only getting the initial sale. Work once and get paid over and over again, nice!

Affiliate marketing can be an awesome source of additional income. The above tips will help you get that first commission and many more afterwards. Affiliate marketing is a business, so there is a lot of work involved. However, if you stay focused, you'll get results.

Feel the need for more tips or training? Click Here ==> The #1 Affiliate Marketing Training. You can join for Free and it is loaded with content. There are Videos to show you how to put campaigns together. At least Click the Link and Check It Out and then decide if it's for you.

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Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

There is nothing like making money online. Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative business with more flexibility than any day job. But, it can be difficult. Just to put it into prospective, there is a lot to learn as well as the amount of work it takes. However, once you've start making money, the rewards are awesome. Basically, you must refer a company offer to targeted traffic to make sales. Once the sales are made then you will get commissions from these sales. The income from affiliate marketing can replace a traditional job or you can work it part time for extra income. Especially if you are blogging and affiliate marketing.

Blogging and affiliate marketing is another avenue to making money online. A blog is a website where you add content on a given topic. There are blogs that cover a wide range of topics. Some examples include cars, moms, dads, toys, politics or just about anything you might think of. Just pick a topic, do some research and start writing. It doesn't take long to develop a following of regular readers. This is due mainly to your content that is picked up by search engines that is in turn found by searchers. Other ways to getting traffic to a blog would be, through social media, forums and/or simple commenting on other relevant blogs.

When you start getting a steady stream of traffic, then you might want to join an affiliate program to monetize your blog. There are affiliate programs in almost any and every niche. One of the most popular places to start is Amazon. Say, for instance, you are writing a blog on politics. Go to Amazon become an affiliate and search for relevant books on politics. Amazon is a good place to go for finding physical products to promote. If your blog is on gardening or home improvement, then either Home Depot or Lowes would be a great fit.

After being accepted in an affiliate program, you can start promoting their products on your blog. Having targeted ads and links in your niche placed on your website, then the probability of getting people to click on your ads. Once they are redirected to a sales page and purchase something, then you will receive a commission from the sale.

Blogging for affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an online income. This will take some research on your niche to be able to promote the affiliate products properly. However, once you get it set up, then the site runs itself. You are only required to add content on a regular bases. You can pretty much rely on making money from your blog for years to come.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing is best achieved when you have the right training. Learning keyword research, SEO and how to maximize your blog for profits, are some of the important aspects to making money in blogging. Not only just making a commission from the blog itself, but to also build a list of subscribers for greater revenue. Introducing, The #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Course. You can Join For Free, and get valuable training in affiliate marketing. Either Click The Links or Click On The Banner Below!

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How To Understand Affiliate Marketing

How To Understand Affiliate Marketing

How to understand affiliate marketing? Well, the understanding comes from not getting tied down with the technical aspects as well as the creative. Many people struggle with affiliate marketing just learning the mechanics of the process. Things like learning how to upload a file to a server and how to set up your autoresponder. You should concentrate more on putting ad copy together, to making yourself more brandable. No one cares about how nice your capture page looks like, they only care about the content. The content tells them about how your going to solve their problem. Some of the best converting capture pages are plain and unattractive. The focus of these pages are the content. That's what draws people to sign-up to your list. This is dependent on your ability, and your self confidence showing through your work.

Starting out, many of us see marketers making huge amounts of money online. These guys would begin a campaign and make thousands in the first week. Experienced affiliate marketers know that you must have capital to put into a campaign and they also know how to be creative to bring in the money. Some of these marketers just implement strategies they learned from forums.

Getting into affiliate marketing, you should have a day job. A big budget isn't needed to get started, but you should have something to put into paid traffic. Not only the traffic, but also autoresponders, SEO software, web hosting and etc. Don't waste time and money on empty promises and stick to utilitarian type things.

It is important to learn the process of affiliate marketing. With the process, you will need the right tools to get the job done. It takes money to make money, so having a marketing budget is important. Tools are needed for automation, to make your life easier. Outsourcing can really help, so you can stick to being creative in your ads.

How To Understand Affiliate Market? First, you must learn the basics of affiliate marketing, this can take you a long way in building your online business. Click Here ==> The #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Course. This will teach you the basics from Keyword Research, SEO and List Building. Click the Link and Check it out, it's FREE to sign-up and the information it contains is awesome.

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Affiliate Marketing: Learn How To Make Money

Affiliate Marketing: Learn How To Make Money

Have you been bitten by the Affiliate Marketing bug? Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make money. Basically, affiliate marketing is a way to sell something online, without creating a product yourself. Other people have created products and they look for someone, or an affiliate to promote that product to make sales. The affiliate doesn't have to worry about delivery or even technical support. Their only purpose is to promote and drive sales. When a sale is made, the affiliate will get a commission for the sale. Sounds good? Then keep reading if affiliate marketing is for you.

First, choosing the right product to promote. If you find the right product then there is money to be made, if not, then you'll be wasting your time and money. With the scores of affiliates out there, you must make sure you stand out from the crowd. How to stand-out? Well, you must establish a connection and relationship with your prospective customers. You must be unique with your personality and brand, if you are to set yourself apart from the others.

Another good way, is to change the site you are given. Create your own landing page different from the product owner. Using a site that the product owner gives you, means many other affiliates are using the same site. Either use or create your own marketing materials.

Join a Forum. This will put you in a community with other like minded affiliate marketers. You can exchange ideas and get good suggestions for your affiliate marketing. Having a good support group will help you avoid mistakes. You will be surprised how other marketers can help.

Now with these tips you can get closer to being a success in affiliate marketing. If you should need more tips and/or training then Check This Training Course Out! You will learn keyword research, SEO, PPC and other marketing tools. If you're going to do Affiliate Marketing and Make Money at it, then you might as well learn how to do it right. Click This Link or the Banner Below, and Happy Marketing.

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3 Affiliate Marketing Strategies You Need To Know About

3 Affiliate Marketing Strategies You Need To Know About

More than ever, people are looking to affiliate marketing to bring in extra money outside their day job. Maybe, they're looking for something part-time that will eventually replace their present job. Newbie affiliate marketers usually don't know what they're doing, but they are still trying to make something work. Hopefully, this article will help the new affiliate marketers to put together a strategy to make money online. These are 3 affiliate marketing strategies you need to know about to make that residual income selling affiliate products.

Facebook A New Frontier Online

Facebook has over 1 billion users, this is fertile ground for an affiliate marketer. This social network has an advertising format that anyone can use. With the right info, your advertising cost can be as little as one penny a click. With the right product or service, it would be hard not to make money from this many people. Product choice is the key, if you choose the wrong type of product then you'll just be wasting money. The product must be something people want and willing to buy. Products that are focused on trends or hobbies usually sell very well. Once you provide affiliate links to these products, then making sales soley on the product popularity is very possible.


Forums are great places to sell affiliate products. People who goto forums are usually looking for information on a product or topic. Say for instance, you are looking for information on a certain shoe. If someone gives you an affiliate link for that particular shoe at the right price, then most likely you'll strongly consider making the purchase. It is even easier because the forum is about shoes and your potential customer will feel more at ease around a community of similar individuals. Place your affiliate links in your signature file, which is located at the bottom of your post, you will have hundreds or even thousands of people looking at it. This could lead to regular and ongoing sales.

Article Marketing

Lately, article marketing isn't as effective as it use to be. Social networking has moved people from reading articles to interacting with others. Still, article directories are a great way to do affiliate marketing, if you use the right techniques, your articles will rank high in the search engines. Most articles have to be at least 750 words long, with a great deal of information on your affiliate product your promoting. Articles are a great way to pre-sell to your visitor, with the fact that they were searching for this product online. A well written article together with a high ranking in the search engines, an affiliate sale is highly possible.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and are looking for training in other effective marketing strategies, the try Affilorama. This training program gives an in depth look at Affiliate Marketing and how it can be easier to making that residual income online. Either Click Here Affilorama or the banner below!

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Affiliate Marketing For Starting An Online Business-3 Good Reasons

Affiliate Marketing For Starting An Online Business-3 Good Reasons

Using a little research, you can come up with several ways to make money online. Even with all of these different ways, they still only fall into one or two categories. Either you're going to sell products or offer services. Choosing product marketing is the key to having a long-term business. With those two categories, affiliate marketing is the way to start them both. Below we'll look into 3 good reasons for using affiliate marketing to start an online business.

You Can Test What Works

If you would believe the hype from the emails and sales letters, you would think you could start making money within 5 minutes. But, there's a definite learning curve involved with affiliate marketing. As in all businesses, your success depends on how quickly you can get over that curve. Now, being excited about getting into the business, most will spend long hours online just to make something happen. You really don't want to live life as a hermit, do you? Affiliate marketing allows you to learn with other products and niches, giving you the opportunity to develop your own products.

Figuring Out How And Where Passion And Profit Meets

Everyone is passionate about something. You might have to ponder it for awhile, but there is something you love to do. After figuring out what that is, next you need to know how to make money from it. Not as a hustle, but a viable full-fledged business. You must know how to monetize that passion into something others are interested in. This is actually a "testing aspect" that makes affiliate marketing an ideal starting point. If you were to do this from scratch, you would have to constantly develop new products to test. Pouring thousands into an investment that might break you before realizing your dream. Being an affiliate to other product creators, you greatly reduce the risk and investment. Doing inexpensive testing on a product in your niche will help you develop you own solution and be successful.

Establishing Your Business Through Diversity

Statistically, 75% of new businesses fail within their first three years. As far as online businesses, the number could be higher. Because of the low cost of starting an online business, most people don't have a solid business plan. With a lack of a plan, most businesses fizzle out. What to do to avoid failure? Two things are needed. First, you need to diversify your business as much as possible. Look into multiple niches, this is protection from one niche dying out. Education is needed to make this work. You need someone who has succeeded to be a mentor for you, or even a good course covering affiliate marketing.

There are good teachers as well as good courses for you to get into. Knowing where to look is half the battle. Speaking of which, a great inexpensive course is

Affilorama: The #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Course! 

Are You Able To Make Millions With Internet Marketing?

Are You Able To Make Millions With Internet Marketing?

We all have come across, from time to time, something from so-called gurus claiming to have earned millions online. Are you able to make millions with internet marketing? I know, as I have, you've wondered if this is possible. Of course these claims are usually tied to some product that is being promoted to you. This is called consistent correct effort, what is this? Consistent correct effort is a method for promoting things online, for which you stick to it until you master it and earn money from it. After the initial sale, then you scale up your efforts so that you multiply your income.

Many people get into Internet Marketing with high expectations for getting rich, and not thinking about what it really takes to get there. They go from method to method. If there is no result from trying the first method, then they will move on to something else. This is a constant cycle. 95% of the people that get into internet marketing fail. Everyone thinks that results are immediate that they really don't get the basics down. During this time, these people are just thinking, people are making money from the internet.

Most of the gurus who are making money, have been at it for years. They want you to believe that it all came overnight for them, but that's not the case. They also want you to think that they are just the average Joe, just like you, with no special technical abilities. Nothing happens overnight. There is a process to everything along with the learning curve. These people have worked online until their internet income surpasses their day job salaries.

Don't believe the hype about making money online is easy. There is hard work and knowledge involved. The time that goes into a campaign, and then not making anything afterwards. This can be hard on anybody's emotional mind-set.
Working online, in your own business, has it's advantages. You don't have to deal with a boss looking over your shoulder, you can take time off whenever desired. But, the down side is that your income depends on you and you alone. When things don't go right, then you only have yourself to blame.

A popular marketing method is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. What exactly is SEO? This is the process of tweaking you website so that it ranks on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. If you rank in first position for a certain keyword, it's possible to earn hundreds or even thousands for one keyword. However, the thing that affects your earnings is changes being implemented by Google. 

The best way to make money with SEO is to hire SEO experts to rank your website. You could do it yourself, however, the learning curve is very steep. It can be done with time and patients, but it's better to get training through SEO courses. If everything goes right, you should see your first sale in about a month. After which, in about 2 years you could see some passive income from it.
Even with all of this, there is no guarantee of you becoming a millionaire. But you will be making some decent money from your efforts, with ample time to spend with your family and friends.

If learning SEO is on your plate then take a look at this, DIY SEO Academy.  This is a lower cost SEO training course, but you'll learn just as much as the expensive courses. DIY SEO Academy, give it a try and to Your Success.