Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Making Money With Viral Traffic

Making Money With Viral Traffic

Making money with viral traffic is different from making money with any other kind of traffic. Usually people come to your website for specific information, maybe even from a social media share. They don't know who you are or what to expect from your site.

Because of this, the bounce rate from viral traffic is higher and conversion rates are lower. Don't let this discourage you, there are still many ways to make money with viral traffic.

1. Build a List Using Viral Traffic

Viral traffic doesn't convert right away. The best thing is to try to build a list with this traffic. Get these people on a email list so that you can develop a relationship. Target the type of content that got them to sign-up with.

Keep in mind that your opt-in rates with viral traffic will be less than that of the traffic hitting your home page.

2. Make Use Of An RSS Feed

Viral traffic would most likely be more interested in subscribing to your RSS Feed. When you post or update your blog then they'll automatically get your content. This is a good way to develop a relationship and most likely, they will feel better about buying something from you.

3. Advertising

If you have acheived a consistant high volume of traffic that's not producing revenue, try advertising.

Advertising is easier to make money from if you have a large amount of traffic. A good place to start is Google Adsense, from there move on to direct ad deals.

Are you using YouTube videos? If you have a lot of viral traffic from YouTube, then you might be able to get into YouTube's partner program. You will need to produce videos regularly that get over 100,000 views to qualify, however the money is pretty decent. YouTube's partner program has a revenue split arrangement.

4. Consider CPA (cost per action)

Since it's fairly difficult to convert viral traffic into sales, look into getting paid for leads.

Cost Per Action (CPA) networks are willing to pay anywhere from $2 to $12 just for leads in specific industries.

This is one of the best ways to make money from viral traffic. Viral traffic isn't good for first time sales, therefore you must lower the commitment methods of monetization.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How To Get Instant Viral Traffic From StumbleUpon

How To Get Instant Viral Traffic From StumbleUpon

In the arena of social networks, StumbleUpon is the least spoke of. Did you know that StumbleUpon is one of the most powerful websites for getting viral traffic? Through StumbleUpon, you can send ten of thousands of visitors to your site within a few hours. Not only that, but this can be a consistent traffic source long term.

The way StumbleUpon is setup, content that people like can be found by even more people.

Here are 4 ways StumbleUpon can be used for instant viral traffic.

1. Understand the Mindset of a Stumbler

Before using StumbleUpon, you first should know the mindset of a Stumbler.

StumbleUpon is like surfing through different channels on TV, except that people are looking at websites and not TV channels.
Basiclly, StumbleUpon will display unique pages and websites to people. If that person likes the site then they will click "Thumbs Up", if they don't then "Thumbs Down". To see a different site, they can click "Stumble".

A visitor who is bored with a site will easily "Stumble" away from it. If a site has a lot of "Thumbs Up" then that site can see a flood of traffic from Stumblers.

2. How to Target Stumblers

A StumbleUpon user is generally in a "quick entertainment" mindset. Therefore, the idea is to catch their attention. The above the fold area of your website must have a shocking or captivating headline or image.

These people must be drawn in quickly or they will move on to another site.

3. Holding their Attention

It is important to have interesting, emotionally engaging content throughout your page. It must invoke an emotional response, whether it is laughter or utter outrage. It must be emotionally engaging.

Also, you don't want to over do it on the ads on your page. Stumblers downvote pages with a lot of ads. Pages with very few ads and more engaging content will get the upvotes.

4. Putting your Content on StumbleUpon

What is the best way to get your content on StumbleUpon?
Well, certainly, you don't want to submit your content with the sole purpose of promoting. StumbleUpon looks down on people who are just there to submit their content.

You must get involved with the StumbleUpon experience. This might take a week or two, but get to know first hand how StumbleUpon works.

Afterwards, pick your best pages from your website and submit it. If everything works out the right way, you'll have others submitting your content from then on.

If you're not getting any traction with your first submit, then wait a few weeks and submit another piece of your content. Be sure to submit content from other websites between submitting your own content.

Monday, March 21, 2016

4 Tips On How To Get More Likes, Follows, Stumbles or Subscribers

4 Tips On How To Get More Likes, Follows, Stumbles or Subscribers

In Social Media, getting more likes, follows, stumbles or subscribers, means getting more traffic to your website. This also opens the door to a long-term reach for launching viral campaigns. Viral campaigns do wonders for promoting new products.

What are the tips for getting more likes, follows, stumbles or subscribers?

1. Highlight it on Your Website

Facebook has a small "Like" button, as well as Twitter has a small "Retweet" button. With these buttons so small, they generally aren't optimized for conversions.

You might not be aware, that you can create larger buttons. You can outsource this to someone who can write a small bit of code. Usually, this might only cost you $5 to $10. However, you can have larger "Like" and "Retweet" buttons to highlight these functions.

A button for subscriber can be done the same way. Make sure you really make it noticable. Don't just rely on an opt-in box in the upper right corner of your website, hoping to get opt-ins.

2. Social Proof

This is like testimonials, except, you are only showing how many people who liked, stumbled, followed or subscribed. It will show how popular your post or content really is.

It kind of works like peer pressure, you are more likely to "Like" something if someone else has liked it. Or better yet, if hundreds of your friends have done the same.

3. Ask for it in Your Post

If you want something, just simply ask. Want more follows on Twitter? Ask! The power of a call to action is sometimes underestimated. Just asking can make a big difference.

Incentivizing a call to action works really well. A contest for people who "Like" your page. This works better than asking for free.

4. Give People Options

You will have some people who would prefer to "Like" you on Facebook. Some prefer to follow you on Twitter. Others would just like to subscribe or some just want to give you a "Thumbs Up" on Stumble.

Give your readers a variety of options. Give them the choice on how they want to interact with you.

You can install a "Share" Bar on your website, either before, after or beside your post. This gives them options and opens your content up to other social networks and more readers (traffic).

Using social proof, highlight your buttons and ask for the action in your content along with options, you'll increase your visitor-to-action ratio.

Friday, March 18, 2016

How To Make Viral Videos For Less Than $200?

How To Make Viral Videos For Less Than $200?

When you think of viral videos, you might assume that it will cost a lot of money. Not so, as a matter of fact, you can launch a video project for less than $200. Many people, some who are famous, started with a decent inexpensive camera. These videos have gotten millions of views, and are still getting a substantial amount of traffic.

How do you make viral videos for less than $200?

1. Video Camera

A high definition camera can cost you as little as $100. This wouldn't be a professional grade camera, but it still will be good enough to get you started. The key would be the quality of your content.

Places to find such a camera is Best Buy, Costco or even Walmart. You can compare prices online.

A lot of smartphones are advanced enough to record a high quality video. For example, iPhone 4 or newer can produce videos good enough for online viewing.

2. Shooting the Video

Have a friend help you in shooting the video. You could do it yourself, however, it will be difficult.

Try different camera angles for the best effect. Multiple takes might be necessary to get it just right. A one-hour video might take all day to create.

3. Edit Your Video

There are many ways to edit your video for free. Using iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker, which ever comes with you operating system. These two applications will allow the basics, but you won't be able to do special effects or color correction.
Now, if your operating system didn't come with video editing, you will have several free options available online for downloading.

4. Video Rendering

After shooting and editing, the last phase is to render your video.

This is the last part of the editing process, for which you create a new video file. Starting out, create a small sized, decent quality video versus a large high quality video.

When uploading to YouTube, they will re-render your video to a smaller size.

5. Video Distribution

You can find several video distribution services online, both free and paid. These services will submit your video to many different video hosting sites.

I think we already know that YouTube has the most traffic. Other sites like Dailymotion, Metacafe and Vimeo will still give you quite a bit of traffic. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are good for quicker Social Media sharing. All of these sites can increase your exposure.

In summary, buy an inexpensive camera, record video, edit for free and upload to one or more video distribution sites. The quality of the video and the content determines it has viral potential.

So there you are, Making a Viral Video for Less Than $200!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Tell a Friend" Campaigns, Do They Still Work?

"Tell a Friend" Campaigns, Do They Still Work?

Back in the beginning of internet marketing, "tell a friend" campaigns were the way to go. Basiclly, you just set up an email box and ask people to send your offer to their friends.

Now a days people are more conservative with their time as well as their friend's time. The only way you could get anyone to send your stuff is if they thought their friends were interested in what you have.

The question, do "tell a friend" campaigns still work? Of course, but the way to go about it is very different. Below are some ways to make a "tell a friend" campaign work.

1. Use Facebook or other Social Media Networks

Facebook alone is the newest and most effective "tell a friend" platform in history.

You just replace email with reposting or sharing your content. This is faster than email and more engaging.

You just went from one person to hundreds or even thousands, looking at what you have to offer.

2. Offer a Reward

A great way to have people pass on your content is offering them a reward for doing so. This is also known as a bribe.

Offer a reward to the person referring people as well as the person being referred.

Just giving a reward to the people doing the referring might make them think that you are bribing them, for which you are. However, to make them feel better about the transaction, you also give to the person being referred.

This can be anything, for example offering extra megabytes of storage to an online backup system. Both parties get the extra storage for going through your link.

3. Create a Viral "Tell a Friend" Campaign

A powerful way to getting a campaign to go viral is to split test between various promotions and strategies. This can be done using your own website or Facebook.

If you're using your own website try 3-5 different promotions and track the results going through your links. The one that performs the best, use it going forward.

Using Facebook, you have the choice of several apps to help track the "virality" of either your group or fanpage. These apps allow you to track how many people share your content. You can test different promotions to see if your pass-on rate goes up or down.

"Tell a Friend" campaigns aren't the only game in town, but they can be a very effective way to promoting your offer. Using other social networks, you can run split test to see which one works the best for that network.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

11 Ways To Improving Your Online Business

11 Ways To Improving Your Online Business

Online business owners are faced with challenging factors, such as, high competition in the online market and the difficulty in figuring customer requirements. Dealing with competition, there are many ways to take this on, and still satisfy existing customers while bringing in new leads.

If you are an online business owner, there are 11 ways to helping you improve and expand your online business.

1. Set up a business website that is scalable

An important feature of a business website is it's ability to be scalable. Product websites only draw in a limited amount of traffic. It's only reasonable to think that, over time, traffic will increase.

You must anticipate the needs of your customers so that you offer a website with such capabilities. Ease of navigation between pages should remain constent with respect to incoming traffic.

2. Email Marketing

Building a list of prospective leads is a must. An opt-in form close to the top of the page, will make it easier for interested prospects to subscribe to your services. Not only services, but also just a simple Newsletter. Your newsletter can be either weekly or monthly.

3. Create a presence on Facebook

Along with your main business site, you should create a Facebook Fanpage. A fanpage can be used to continuously keep it touch with you prospects and existing customers.

Information related to troubleshooting can be posted on a Facebook fanpage. You can start online contest and surveys through your fanpage.

4. Have a Twitter Handle

Twitter has become a must for online business owners. Quick and short updates to your followers. Twitter is also good for getting feedback on the quality of your services.

Tools for automating tweets are HootSuite and TweetLater. With these tools you can schedule messages to Twitter relating to your business.

5. YouTube Marketing (Video Marketing)

Creating and uploading videos to such platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. The videos can promote your online business, products or even your main website. Depending on the video, you can get viral buzz going about your business and products.

6. Participation in Forums and Blogs

Most certainly, you can find a Forum and/or Blog, that is specific about you products and business. Joining a forum and posting interesting information about your product and new products can bring in added business.

7. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Before Social Media, pay per click advertising was the way to marketing online. And, today, it is still an effective way to advertise online.

The most popular pay per click network is still Google AdWords. Also, this is the most expensive network. The advantage is that you will have a greater reach to potential customers. Also, you only need to pay for the ads that have been clicked by a customer.

8. Create a Google+ Business Page

However, not as popular as Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is slowly catching up. Adding a Google+ Business profile will add to your social presence.

9. SEO Friendly Content

Content posted on your business website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ should contain SEO (search engine optimized) keywords. This will make your business easier to find in the search engines, and will provide more visitors to your site.

10. Keep your interactions on social media meaningful

Care should be taken to prevent followers and friends from unliking or unfollowing your social business pages.

11. Use Surveys to get Customer feedback

Survey providers make it easy to intergrate your social media accounts.

There are a few more social media networks that can help you business. Pinterest and Instagram. Both of these networks focus on images to attract followers. Pinterest will allow you to save an image, that when clicked on, will take a visitor straight to your business site or any other site.

Instagram, is a mobile platform that can only be used from a Smartphone. The images don't allow a redirect once clicked on. However, Instagram has over 400 Million users. The potential for massive free traffic to your website or any other offer is huge.

Instagram Marketing has only just begun to surface as a viable source for leads and sales. The trick is to present an image that will go viral to bring in ambitious buyers.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Article Marketing: Tricks and Tips To Article Writing

Article Marketing: Tricks and Tips To Article Writing

How can you advertise for virtually no-cost? How to drive traffic to your website? The answers to both of these questions are, article marketing. Writing content-rich and targeted articles and submitting to directory sites and ezines, is the way to go.

You ask, why would an ezine publisher or website owner post your targeted articles on their sites? Ezine publishers and website owners use these articles to drive traffic to their sites and to help increase subcribtions to their list. As an exchange for a byline and a link to your site, you allow website owners the use of your content as is. No changes are allowed to be made without your permission. Even though, some will do it anyway.

    • Gain “Expert” Status when you share your knowledge in form of an article. When you write an article and submit it to directories, you appear to be an expert in that particular niche.

    • Articles are used for Pre-selling. Articles giving information in a specific niche are searched out by people hungry for this information. Writing for this audience will already pre-sell your product.

    • Backlinks to your site. These backlinks will enhance your search engine position. When your article is posted to someone elses site, most likely it will stay there for a long time.

    • Providing an excellent tools for your affiliates. Your affiliates will promote you and your product more often and more effectively than anyone else.

    • List building. Once your article is posted to other sites, this will broaden your audience and help build a targeted list faster. Statistics show on average, a prospect visits your website seven times before clicking to purchase a product. This used with a steady stream of emails can increase the number of people willing to buy.

Do you have to be talented to write? Not at all. You need to remember two rules.

1. Put your thoughts to text naturally. Sort of like if you were talking to a friend on your subject.

2. Write simply. Please, no bad grammar. Don’t use complicated sentences. Keep It Simple Stupid, (K.I.S.S.)! Your articles should be easy to read and understand.

With these tips and tricks in mind, it should be easy to get started. Other tips, we shall explore at a later date. There is no other way to it, but, to just do it. Happy Writing!

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

I hope this helps those who haven't looked into Instagram yet. This can be a very powerful marketing method, if used properly. This will give you targeted and free traffic to any offer you are presenting.
Even though, this is a great marketing method, there is a lot of work involved to get it going correctly. The amount of time searching for viral pictures to bring in added followers can be exhausting. You literally will have to go through hundreds of images and users to gain any ground for traffic generation.

As you know, we marketers believe in automation and leverage. For such automation, you would have to be able to work your Instagram account from a laptop or desktop. Unfortunately, Instagram is only available through a mobile application. Such automation would be to large to work from a smartphone.
Up until now, no such app existed. Just recently, a new app called Instamate has been created.
What is Instamate? This is a new social media app, made just for Instagram. This app allows you to search for viral post inside Instagram and use them to bring in followers, and eventually customers. Instamate allows you to find, relabel and post all with hashtags and you can schedule your post. All of this will give you autopilot traffic to any and all of your offers.
Imagine, spending 10 - 15 minutes in the morning to set-up campaigns that won't cost you anything to run. Free Traffic, cutting your traffic budget to zero. The best part is that this traffic is targeted. Already warmed up to your offer or business.

Click Here and start down the path to seeing how Instamate works and get on my List to get Social Media Tips and Tools!
See You On The Other Side!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Using Facebook Marketing Techniques

Using Facebook Marketing Techniques

Facebook marketing can be used for any business, knowing how to use Facebook for your marketing is the question. A website will not get the targeted traffic that facebook can generate.

This is acheived using a simple strategies just for Facebook. Naturally, you become an affiliate for a product or service in your niche market. At this point, creation of a fan page is important.

Facebook marketing should not be done using your personal profile. Using a seperate fan page allows you to make friends and dabble in different marketing methods.

Next, determine the marketing strategy that will be used to get your own fan base. Use a landing page within your site for your fans, this is where all visitors are received.

The landing page should be the only section open to visitors. Using the landing page you can capture prospects, sell products or services, but most of all convert visitors to fans.

To do this conversion you should offer a "free gift" in exchange for them to click "like". The free gift can be a report, ebook or a video, but the purpose is to get access they must perform an action.

Setting up a fan page and creating a landing page is, in fact, the easy part. As with any affiliate marketing, the hard part is driving the targeted traffic to your site. Unfortunately, using Facebook Ads would be the quick way, the paid way.

Facebook will easily approve an ad for a fan page, because it's their own service. Other websites can be more challenging on account of Facebook's strict policy on affiliate marketing ads and programs.

When you have a decent sized fan base, you can publish and share quality content for your fans, to keep them interested.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hidden Advantages To Article Marketing

Hidden Advantages To Article Marketing

Starting out with Internet Marketing you might be starting on a small budget. If this is the case then consider Article Marketing. Little or no cost is involved with article marketing, however, there is the time factor. To make this method work for you, you will need to invest the time into keyword research, article writing and submissions into article directories. The beautiful part about article marketing is the backlinks that are created and the long term traffic from each article.

Article marketing is a great way to advertise products, services or websites on the internet. Many marketers over look this method and totally miss out on the advantages. There are smart marketers who are using article marketing to make a sizable income. Just by writing and submitting articles to free article sites. These article sites are available to anyone, and did I mention that they are FREE.
What is Article Marketing? Article Marketing is a way of advertising for which a marketer writes an article to promote a product/service. Article Marketing is an awesome way to get free and targeted traffic to a website.

Article Marketing is used to sell products, drive traffic to blogs and websites. Another advantage, article marketing helps in website ranking. Just on high quality and useful articles alone, you have the potential for ranking high in the search engines.
The down side is for those who find it hard to write an article. If you are one of these people then you might have to outsource your writing. This means paying someone to write your content. But, even going this route is relatively inexpensive.

Getting to the article sites. As stated above, these article sites allow you to submit your article for free. Website owners looking for fresh content will publish your article on their website. This practice will give you good backlinks from popular websites. Now, the catch, article sites will not approve low quality articles. These articles do more to hurting rankings than anything. Therefore, it is best to create high quality content. Such sites like Ezine, are very picky about any article approval. 
In closing, if you are promoting anything on the Internet, you should consider Article Marketing. Article Marketing will give you traffic and backlinks for your website. With the right type of Keyword research, the traffic going to your website will be targeted.

Article Marketing: Content Is King

Article Marketing: Content Is King

If you are getting into Article Marketing, you have at least heard this once, Content is King. And this is very true. There are millions of people searching the Internet for information. From simple curitosity to full blown research projects. Article marketing is your way to reach these people and possibly make a good income from it.

One of the keys to getting traffic in Article marketing is through the search engines. Let’s face it, everybody is looking to make this a one click process. So much software has been developed to make article marketing easier. My opinion, there is no easy way to the process. Article marketing takes work and dedication to get the desired results. Google has so many updates to bring higher quality to its search results. Using some fly by night software will only bring bad results.
The best way to deal with article marketing is to go by the “Content is King” rules. Using these rules you can stay on top of the search engine games and produce great results for a long time to come. Marketers that use these rules turn words into traffic. A 500 word article, within time, can create hundreds of backlinks to their websites. More backlinks means more traffic, more sales and more profits. After which, they create more and more articles. You might have guessed, they are called “Article Marketers”.

A prominent tool used by Article Marketers are Article Directories. When an article is submitted into a directory, these articles can be reposted to other sites. This reposting creates backlinks for the original author. This is the main reason these authors allow their articles to be reposted on another website. As long as the person doing the reposting doesn’t change or modify the article.
Unique and high quality articles are only accepted in the top article directories. Proper grammar and puctuation is needed, not to mention spelling. For this work, an Article marketer can get maximum exposure and tons of traffic. The more directories submitted to, the more traffic and sales.
There are pros who are getting traffic and sales with this technique. Following their steps can give the same results. Now, ask yourself, wouldn’t you want to generate sales without having to pay a single dime? Of course you would, article marketing is truly a free source of advertising. Not only free, but also effective.