Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Tell a Friend" Campaigns, Do They Still Work?

"Tell a Friend" Campaigns, Do They Still Work?

Back in the beginning of internet marketing, "tell a friend" campaigns were the way to go. Basiclly, you just set up an email box and ask people to send your offer to their friends.

Now a days people are more conservative with their time as well as their friend's time. The only way you could get anyone to send your stuff is if they thought their friends were interested in what you have.

The question, do "tell a friend" campaigns still work? Of course, but the way to go about it is very different. Below are some ways to make a "tell a friend" campaign work.

1. Use Facebook or other Social Media Networks

Facebook alone is the newest and most effective "tell a friend" platform in history.

You just replace email with reposting or sharing your content. This is faster than email and more engaging.

You just went from one person to hundreds or even thousands, looking at what you have to offer.

2. Offer a Reward

A great way to have people pass on your content is offering them a reward for doing so. This is also known as a bribe.

Offer a reward to the person referring people as well as the person being referred.

Just giving a reward to the people doing the referring might make them think that you are bribing them, for which you are. However, to make them feel better about the transaction, you also give to the person being referred.

This can be anything, for example offering extra megabytes of storage to an online backup system. Both parties get the extra storage for going through your link.

3. Create a Viral "Tell a Friend" Campaign

A powerful way to getting a campaign to go viral is to split test between various promotions and strategies. This can be done using your own website or Facebook.

If you're using your own website try 3-5 different promotions and track the results going through your links. The one that performs the best, use it going forward.

Using Facebook, you have the choice of several apps to help track the "virality" of either your group or fanpage. These apps allow you to track how many people share your content. You can test different promotions to see if your pass-on rate goes up or down.

"Tell a Friend" campaigns aren't the only game in town, but they can be a very effective way to promoting your offer. Using other social networks, you can run split test to see which one works the best for that network.

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