Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Building Automated Niche Sites With Vitraffic Autoblogging System

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Making Your Amazon Affiliate Store Go Viral

If you’ve tried to make money with Amazon (or any affiliate marketing for that matter), the part where most people fail is with the traffic, or more likely… lack of traffic.

Fixing that is easy with the right tools.   Viral traffic is the easiest, best and most targeted traffic you can get – again, if you’re doing it right.


For something to go viral it needs to have the following:

  Value  Share-ability Congruency

If you can give people something they’re interested in, a gift, report, video training, software tool that fixes their issue… whatever it is – and for them to fix that all they have to do is click a button?

Well… that’s gold right there. 

ShopABot does this for you automatically, building an email subscriber list AND rewards them for buying through your link – and even sharing your store and your affiliate links for you!
When ShopABot has found your niche, working out what kind of gift to pair it up with is easy.  For example, if you click the button and it’s found that Green Tea is the perfect niche for you, you could give away any kind of thing like a report that shows how to: 

How to brew your tea for maximum flavor 20 iced tea recipes The x health benefits from Green Tea Where to find top quality teas at bargain prices Places around the globe for exquisite tea experiences

In that report, you could even get a little more creative and include other related recommended resources.  For example… they are buying green tea, maybe they also need a kettle, or some fancy teacups etc.

If you’re doing the traffic manually (instead of using ShopABot), I’d still stick with social media.  It’s like word of mouth, but on steroids!

There are really three sites you should focus on in the beginning:

1. Facebook – This is the goliath of social media. It’s important to get a fan page created for your website ASAP.

2. Pinterest – There’s not many sites that can bring more traffic than Pinterest, especially if you use it correctly. Post often, post relevant content that is likely to be re-pinned a lot, and follow as many accounts relevant to your niche as you can.

3. Instagram – You may have been expecting Twitter to be the third site, but I’ve actually found Instagram a lot more effective than Twitter. There are no “secrets” to Instagram, really. Just follow relevant users, like and comment on their content, and post great images on a regular basis with relevant hashtags. It’s easy.

Twitter is probably the next one you should focus on, followed by YouTube, and then others like Snapchat.

Be careful to grow your social media at a natural rate. If you follow too many people, make too many comments, etc., too quickly, you could get banned.

Using the viral traffic system inbuilt in ShopABot, you can avoid any potential backlash because it’s your visitors who are sharing.  You just get the ball rolling by giving away free stuff… the affiliate commissions will snowball from there!


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