Saturday, January 6, 2018

Are Your "Shareable Images" Creating Interaction?

Are Your "Shareable Images" Creating Interaction?

With more than a billion people interacting,
Instagram has taken over the Social Media
World. This is over a billion users per
month, users who are very engaging.
Such engagement must be taken advantage of.
Imagine how Instagram Marketing can boost
your brand and business. But, to fully
leverage Instagram, you must create
"shareable images" and viable content.
Images and content are necessary to build
an attractive following. As with any other
social media platform, this following must
be targeted to your market. Targeted
followers will engage and share your con-
tent more frequently.

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These tips and tricks will help you acquire
such a following.

A.) Use a Professional Camera to take Photos
The great thing about Instagram is that
you can create amazing posts right from an
iPhone or Android device. However, if you
want to create really compelling images,
you need a professional camera.
Now let us not dismiss anything created
from a Smartphone. Sometimes an amateur
photo can drive engagement. Even still these
photos must be visually stunning.

B.) Put a Little Extra Effort into Captions

Most people don't realize the importance of
the caption. The idea is to squeeze every
bit of advertising out of this platform.
The captions should tell the story of the
picture. You want your captions to have
your follow to be interested as well as
engaged. You want to have them into your
content or marketing funnel.
The use of hashtags are good for getting
new followers to your page. Hashtags also
help to drive marketing partnerships as well
as any links you can use to get people into
your marketing funnel.