Friday, March 18, 2016

How To Make Viral Videos For Less Than $200?

How To Make Viral Videos For Less Than $200?

When you think of viral videos, you might assume that it will cost a lot of money. Not so, as a matter of fact, you can launch a video project for less than $200. Many people, some who are famous, started with a decent inexpensive camera. These videos have gotten millions of views, and are still getting a substantial amount of traffic.

How do you make viral videos for less than $200?

1. Video Camera

A high definition camera can cost you as little as $100. This wouldn't be a professional grade camera, but it still will be good enough to get you started. The key would be the quality of your content.

Places to find such a camera is Best Buy, Costco or even Walmart. You can compare prices online.

A lot of smartphones are advanced enough to record a high quality video. For example, iPhone 4 or newer can produce videos good enough for online viewing.

2. Shooting the Video

Have a friend help you in shooting the video. You could do it yourself, however, it will be difficult.

Try different camera angles for the best effect. Multiple takes might be necessary to get it just right. A one-hour video might take all day to create.

3. Edit Your Video

There are many ways to edit your video for free. Using iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker, which ever comes with you operating system. These two applications will allow the basics, but you won't be able to do special effects or color correction.
Now, if your operating system didn't come with video editing, you will have several free options available online for downloading.

4. Video Rendering

After shooting and editing, the last phase is to render your video.

This is the last part of the editing process, for which you create a new video file. Starting out, create a small sized, decent quality video versus a large high quality video.

When uploading to YouTube, they will re-render your video to a smaller size.

5. Video Distribution

You can find several video distribution services online, both free and paid. These services will submit your video to many different video hosting sites.

I think we already know that YouTube has the most traffic. Other sites like Dailymotion, Metacafe and Vimeo will still give you quite a bit of traffic. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are good for quicker Social Media sharing. All of these sites can increase your exposure.

In summary, buy an inexpensive camera, record video, edit for free and upload to one or more video distribution sites. The quality of the video and the content determines it has viral potential.

So there you are, Making a Viral Video for Less Than $200!

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