Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Article Marketing: Content Is King

Article Marketing: Content Is King

If you are getting into Article Marketing, you have at least heard this once, Content is King. And this is very true. There are millions of people searching the Internet for information. From simple curitosity to full blown research projects. Article marketing is your way to reach these people and possibly make a good income from it.

One of the keys to getting traffic in Article marketing is through the search engines. Let’s face it, everybody is looking to make this a one click process. So much software has been developed to make article marketing easier. My opinion, there is no easy way to the process. Article marketing takes work and dedication to get the desired results. Google has so many updates to bring higher quality to its search results. Using some fly by night software will only bring bad results.
The best way to deal with article marketing is to go by the “Content is King” rules. Using these rules you can stay on top of the search engine games and produce great results for a long time to come. Marketers that use these rules turn words into traffic. A 500 word article, within time, can create hundreds of backlinks to their websites. More backlinks means more traffic, more sales and more profits. After which, they create more and more articles. You might have guessed, they are called “Article Marketers”.

A prominent tool used by Article Marketers are Article Directories. When an article is submitted into a directory, these articles can be reposted to other sites. This reposting creates backlinks for the original author. This is the main reason these authors allow their articles to be reposted on another website. As long as the person doing the reposting doesn’t change or modify the article.
Unique and high quality articles are only accepted in the top article directories. Proper grammar and puctuation is needed, not to mention spelling. For this work, an Article marketer can get maximum exposure and tons of traffic. The more directories submitted to, the more traffic and sales.
There are pros who are getting traffic and sales with this technique. Following their steps can give the same results. Now, ask yourself, wouldn’t you want to generate sales without having to pay a single dime? Of course you would, article marketing is truly a free source of advertising. Not only free, but also effective.

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