Saturday, March 5, 2016

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

I hope this helps those who haven't looked into Instagram yet. This can be a very powerful marketing method, if used properly. This will give you targeted and free traffic to any offer you are presenting.
Even though, this is a great marketing method, there is a lot of work involved to get it going correctly. The amount of time searching for viral pictures to bring in added followers can be exhausting. You literally will have to go through hundreds of images and users to gain any ground for traffic generation.

As you know, we marketers believe in automation and leverage. For such automation, you would have to be able to work your Instagram account from a laptop or desktop. Unfortunately, Instagram is only available through a mobile application. Such automation would be to large to work from a smartphone.
Up until now, no such app existed. Just recently, a new app called Instamate has been created.
What is Instamate? This is a new social media app, made just for Instagram. This app allows you to search for viral post inside Instagram and use them to bring in followers, and eventually customers. Instamate allows you to find, relabel and post all with hashtags and you can schedule your post. All of this will give you autopilot traffic to any and all of your offers.
Imagine, spending 10 - 15 minutes in the morning to set-up campaigns that won't cost you anything to run. Free Traffic, cutting your traffic budget to zero. The best part is that this traffic is targeted. Already warmed up to your offer or business.

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