Thursday, April 7, 2016

Exploring 3 Ways To List Building

Exploring 3 Ways To List Building
Anyone who is into Internet Marketing, knows that the money is in the list. The question is, is that do you know the ways to making that list? If like many of us, you are puzzled on making a list, never mind if it’s a good one. Making an email list is the most effective way to create a long lasting income online.
A list, made from your blog post, gives you traffic on demand from those subscribers. This traffic can be used for future blog post, new product launches or affiliate products your promoting. Having a list helps cultivate an healthy relationship with your blog readers.

Now, what is an email list, without an autoresponder? Very difficult! Autoresponders can be used to automate messages to your subscribers. Once set, you can market products/services on auto-pilot to those already on your list. This can free your time to continue building your list or other projects.
Getting to the 3 ways to build your list:
1. Solo Ads
A very powerful traffic source, solo ads can help you build a list really fast. The way this method works is that you pay another marketer, who has a list in your niche, to send your ad to his list. You, in fact, are giving away an offer in exchange for a person’s name and email address.

Most marketers guarantee a certain number of clicks to your offer. This is just clicks, not a guarantee for opt-ins. It is up to you to tweak your offer to convert as much of this traffic into reliable customers.
2. Having an offer with 100% Commissions
NOT every marketers use this method, but, it is a very effective one.

Find marketers in ;your niche and give away some of your products for free and also offer 100% commissions. The products given away must hold value so the marketer can sell it to their subscribers.
Give Away Recommendations:
* Ebooks
* Tutorials or Courses on Video
* Slide Share Presentations
* Audio Interviews of well known marketers
Using these recommendations, you can build a buyers list without spending any money. You can build a list while making money up-front. If your OTO (one-time-offer) is a good one then this can help build your list faster.
3. PPV (pay per view)
This is one method that will build your list fast without draining you financially. What you will need is a capture page that can convert traffic to prospects. Your pages should be simple and straight forward, nothing fancy. Keep it short and compelling.
These 3 methods will not only aid you in building your list fast, but also, a fairly responsive one. It’s not a cut and dry thing to build an email list, but you can get great rewards from having one. Using the above tips, you can build a list, boost your ROI and cater to your subscribers.

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