Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Writing Better Sales Headlines-The Big How To

Writing Better Sales Headlines-The Big How To

Here are some useful stats for you beginning bloggers. On average for every 10 people that visit your page, 8 will read the headline. Out of that, 2 of them will actually read the article. On these stats alone, it is important to create headlines that are attention grabbing, creative and just simple mind blowing. Changing a few words might increase that number from 2 to 3, roughly 10%.

Let's be realistic, there is no 100% guarantee that creating a headline will work. Unless you involve your creations to extensive testing. But, of course I'm going to give you 5 formats that have been proven to work in any niche, for anyone.

1) The "How To" Method

We as humans love information, starting your post with "How To" you are instantly telling the reader that you are giving value. This works best with tutorial type post. Something straight to the point with very little flash. Sites like "e-How" are created and modeled around the "How To" concept.

2) The List Method

People appreciate lists. Example: Top 10 countdown for any genre of music. A list clearly has a beginning and end, this allows the reader to gauge their time and effort. This method is truly done with the reader in mind. Changing the look of some of the numbers will make that point stick out for higher interest.

3) Relate your Headline to Current Events

This is the power of association and it's very powerful indeed. Just out of curiosity, some visitors will read through the article just to see how you make it relevant. Remember the movie "Fight Club"? Well, one writer at Copyblogger, wrote an article headlined "The First Rule of Copyblogger". He framed the article around the 8 rules of fight club, with a picture of Brad Pitt.

4) Play on Words

Creativity has a big role in coming up with a headline. Something like "The Beauty And The Blog" is kind of catchy. This tells the reader that this article will be humorous and entertaining. This particular blog post was really about the pros and cons of blog designing. The simple play on words in that headline draws you in.

Now don't forget that your article has to make a connection to the headline, while still getting your point across to the reader. Making creative headlines can be fun, but, you still have to get your idea through the article.

5) Have fun

Being creative can make the process of writing blog post fun, for us non-writers. I don't know about the rest of you, coming up with a fun relevant headline, is the most enjoyful part of blogging for me. However, I feel I still need work at it. Just for fun, how about you leave me a comment with potential titles for this post. What the heck, it might be fun. 

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