Friday, February 19, 2016

Brand Building - 7 Ways To Do It On Social Media Sites

Brand Building - 7 Ways To Do It On Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ can be a great advantage to any size business. These sites make it easier to build a community of followers to promote your brand. Businesses can establish a dedicated customer base as well as attract new customers.

Using the following 7 Ways, you can build your brand on Social Media.

1. Online Presence Optimization

Simply, this means completing your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social profiles! So many of us start a page on social media sites and don't complete the profile. I, for one, am guilty of this one! Complete the profile and place keywords relating to your business, will get you noticed on social media.

2. Promote Your Pages

Once the profile is done, next, people must be able to find your social media page. It's important that they can find your Facebook and Twitter profile when they visit your website. Most find it easier to comment on social media than leaving any feedback on your main website. Share Buttons on your website makes this better for followers to give you that needed feedback.

3. Interaction With Fans or Followers

People love to engage in conversations with others, however, no one likes being ignored. If you are the type that doesn't reply to comments from others, then it doesn't do you any good to be on social media. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, you must interact with others. This shows concern on your part for any complaints, opinions or ideas coming from your customers.

4. Offer Incentives

Giving gifts and incentives can increase followers and attract new customers. Create a contest that offer something to the winners. Such as gifts, discount coupons or a free download. This is when being creative will have its advantages, anything to let your customers feel the benefit of following you.

5. Posting Quality and Exciting Content

Information you post or tweet, which includes articles, should reflect your brand and business. It's important to post about those things that are valuable to your followers.

6. Place Social Sharing Buttons

Putting social sharing buttons on post and articles allows your followers to share information about you. Sharing spreads the word about you, your business and your brand. Making it easier to share your content will give you a broader reach.

7. Random Surveys

This is a great method to get feedback from your followers. There are sites that offer survey design and distribution services, so it is very easy to upload a survey in no time. Allowing your followers to contribute to your business plan via social media, let's them feel like their apart of your business.

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