Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ranking In The Search Engines Using These 10 SEO Tips

Ranking In The Search Engines Using These 10 SEO Tips

As a beginner, if you are venturing into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you are wondering "How To Get Ranked?"  Some might look into using a SEO service to help, not needed. SEO can be achieved with a little understanding. What's hard is the overwhelming amount of information involved.

However, just by following certain SEO methods, you can do this without a service. There are 10 SEO tips you can use to rank your website to the top of the search engines.

1) Blogging

Creating a blog and offering quality content is a good start. Just writing about something you know. Not only that, but posting at a regular frequency can get you noticed.

Free blogging platforms like, blogger, or Wordpress can make it economical to start a blog. Or, you can purchase a domain and web hosting, which cost a little more.

2) Content is King

Quality content will attract readers and other bloggers. Before long, you will get requests for link swaps, that will help in ranking and bring more traffic to your website. Fresh and unique writing, will draw the visitors in to start the process.

3) Keywords

Keywords and keyword phrases used in your titles and texts. Also, using keywords as excerpts, meta descriptions and meta tags. This is one of those situations where too much can be a bad thing. The  overuse of keywords in your post, known as keyword stuffing, can get it flagged as spam by Google. Using the right number of keywords in your post will go a long way.

4) SEO Plugins

The use of a plugin like "All in one SEO" will aid in making your pages and post friendlier to both readers and the search engines. SEO plugins can help in successfully optimizing your content and web pages.

5) Checking the Performance of your Site

Site performance, to insure quick loading. In the beginning, you might think of using a lot of plugins. Over use of plugins can actually slow the performance of your site. Whether if it's slow loading or sluggishness, it's important to keep plugin usage to a minimum. Avoid using big images, files like slide shows, flash and  gallery on the landing page. Minimal web designs are SEO friendly.

6) Social Media Sharing

Using share buttons connecting to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites. Sharing to social networks can bring more traffic to your website.

7) Catchy Headlines

Make sure your headlines are relevant to your content. Example, don't use an over the top headline about "The Great White Whale's Revenge" and have your post content talk about banner ads. Unless, you can make a creative tie-in to your article. Catchy headlines are the hook that drags readers into your site.

8) Correct Spelling and Punctuation 

Now, here's a problem I have. Using correct grammar, syntax and sentence structure in the writing of your articles. Your articles should make sense and have a good flow to them. Again, avoid writing content that has no relevance to your website theme.

9) Use images in your post

When using images, you should use name your image with a title tag. The image should complement your article as well as being relevant.

10) Guest posting

Find other sites that have a similar theme as yours. Contact the owners of these sites to see if they would accept guest posting for exchange of links. It helps to select sites with high page ranking, in order to bring your site up in the ranks.

You should ensure that your website is indexed by the search engines. SEO submission can be very effective in this task. Not only will your site be submitted to Google, but also, to Yahoo, Bing and etc.

These 10 tips will bring results as far as a higher rank of your site. Until next time "Happy Blogging and Happy Marketing!"

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