Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Lighter Side To Pay Per Click Advertising

A Lighter Side To Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising has it's place to a successful online business. It is necessary to bring in prospects for products and/or services, and that method is through search engines. Pay per click allows for fast and controlled traffic for any online business. Google Adwords, and similar networks gives an online business access to search engines without waiting for a website to rank in the organic searches. Just like flipping a switch, instant traffic floods an online business website.

Now, making an appealing and content saturated website with pretty colors never bring in profits. The thing that make a website easy to find and available to buyers is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO can be done yourself, if you have the time, or by someone that specializes in SEO.

Search Engine Optimization isn't something that can be done overnight. This is a process, sort of like planting a seed and having to water it and clear the weeds from around it. The desired result is when that seed transforms into something that bears fruit. The point, it takes time. Anywhere from 2 months to over a year. Of course, we don't want to wait that long to see revenue from this website. So the other option is pay per click.

Pay per click (PPC) insures a quick listing in the search engines for the desired keywords. Advertising itself doesn't cost anything, the cost comes in when someone clicks on the ad. You can select the keywords and bid on them. The higher the bid, the greater the chance of being placed at the top of the ad listings.
More and more online marketers are using PPC. PPC is a perfect way to filtering traffic to a website and increasing conversions. You could hire a PPC management firm that offer a cheaper bidding rates. However, you run the risk of paying for short and common keywords. It is better to choose targeted buyer keywords to bring in hungry visitors.

With all things, you find people who want to cheat the process by bringing click fraud to the system. Affiliate search engine websites that implements search engine results onto their site use a way of making repeated clicks to gain revenue from paid listings. Also, strong competitors would make repeated clicks on sponsored listings to drive up the bid rates.

There are sites like and, that detect fraudulent clicks. Sites like and ClickLab offer services like return on investment (ROI) tracking and website analytics.

Google is allowing advertisers to blacklist IP addresses of suspected fraudulent clickers. Google is also offering an online resource center that will educate advertisers how to battle the issue of click fraud.

With all that in mind, PPC is still the way to go to get quick and targeted traffic to your offers. There are no guarantees for success, but, with tweaking and experimentation of your keyword research you should see some positive results.

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