Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pay Per Click Campaign Strategy

Pay Per Click Campaign Strategy

One way to get immediate search engine rankings for important keywords is the use of Pay Per Click Marketing. You can promote dynamic, static or flash websites with PPC Marketing. Your PPC campaign should be unique and well designed for your marketing objectives.

Figuring your objectives for a PPC campaign should be your first goal. During this stage, you should  determine which PPC network would best serve your needs. Your needs should include maximize your cost-per-click on selected keywords, as well as maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Goals for a PPC Campaign:

1) Lead Generation, increased sales and sign-ups for your business.

2) Determine the rate of clicks you get per day, per week and per month. In addition, you must know from what search network and from which keywords.

3) Figure out the cost per lead per click.

4) Bidding Cost per click.

5) The amount of orders ultimately received from your PPC campaign.

6) Conversion rate per click.

7) Your profit for PPC Bid campaign and how much is the margin.

8) Check out your competing websites.

9) Cross check your campaign with other PPC campaigns you are running.

Monitoring your PPC campaign is necessary for a successful pay per click campaign.

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