Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Using Google Adwords By Affiliate Marketers Is Unproductive

Using Google Adwords By Affiliate Marketers Is Unproductive

In the beginning, we affiliate marketers were told to use Google Adwords to get traffic. Numerous ebooks and programs are available on using Google Adwords. It's regarded as the Holy Grail of paid traffic. You also remembered how expensive Adwords got, with little or no results. Running those campaigns, you quickly figured, how hard Google Adwords truely was.

Basiclly, Pay per click advertising works well for business that can count on repeat business. Affiliate marketers, especially newbies, can't look forward to that. The sales that we get, we can only hope will cover the advertising cost. Of course with something left over. Businesses know that each customer will purchase a certain number of times. With this in mind, businesses will bid higher than affiliate marketers to reach those customers. Spending more on bids, they can usually rely on making it up on the back-end. Example: a business can look for each customer to make a minimum of four purchases. They won't make a profit on the first and second purchase, however, they still will make profit on the third and fourth.

Finally, affiliate have a difficult time because conversion rates for a pay per click campaign is less than 1%. Having such low conversion rates means "no profit". Keep in mind that the bidding on keywords are so high.  Let's face it, an affiliate marketer using Google Adwords for PPC advertising is equal to a man ice skating uphill. Impossible, maybe not, but extremely difficult  none the less.

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