Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What A Beginner Should Know About Pay Per Click

What A Beginner Should Know About Pay Per Click

Let's ask a very important question: Should you Pay Per Click?
Among seasoned internet marketers, pay per click is known as PPC, therefore we will refer to it as that. If you have had any dealings with PPC, then you know how expensive it can get. Not only expensive, but also unproductive.

You spend time on the keyword research just to see your budget go up in smoke, with no sales. You were lead to believe that massive traffic will result in massive sales. Welcome to the big myth!

Traffic is good, however, traffic that isn't targeted is a waste. Traffic will boost your search engine ranking. This increase is good for word of mouth advertising. And, it's true that traffic will give you more traffic. However, when you are paying for every click, then you need to target the buying keywords. Instead of having a huge list of keywords that will give you lots of traffic, your focus should be on a small list of keywords. This list is the keywords used specificlly for buying.

Google was hit with a class action suit for not doing enough to prevent click fraud. What do you want to bet that alot of that was because people just didn't know enough about keyword research to prevent it. By the way, click fraud is when someone publishes Google Adsense ads to their site and they click on these ads with no intention of purchasing the advertised product. Like I said, more on the one doing the suing than the one being sued.

Getting back to the subject at hand, this was mostly a case of poorly chosen keywords. PPC sites do have instructions on how to chose and bid on keywords and keyword phrases. It's sort of self explanatory.

Going after the most popular keywords will result in your ad showing up in hundreds, or even thousands of searches an hour. This will result in thousands of clicks a day. Most of which, won't give you any sales.

Here's a cute little example, say that you are selling piggy banks and you bid on the keyword 'bank'. What you will end up getting is people looking for online banking, certain businesses with bank in the name and etc.  In any case, these people aren't looking for what you're selling.

There is work in keyword research. There is no online tool that can tell you what these keywords are. It's gonna take a little brain power. It's gonna require you to chose your keywords wisely. As in the above example, there should be a bid on 'piggy banks'. If they are ceramic then it should be 'ceramic piggy banks'. This will put your ad in front of the ones who are looking to buy ceramic piggy banks.

Less traffic? Yes. More sales? That can be a strong maybe, depending on the product, how easy is your site to navigate, prices and on and on and so forth.
With PPC you must go after the targeted buying traffic. Tire kickers can cost you money. Reserve the popular keywords to the free traffic sources, like SEO and article directories.

I hope this little bit of information has helped someone. Until next time, see ya!

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