Saturday, February 13, 2016

Getting The Most From Facebook Ads (3 Simple Tips)

Getting The Most From Facebook Ads (3 Simple Tips)

Facebook, a break-through Social Media Platform, that many people use to keep in touch with friends and family. To a lot of businesses, Facebook has become an effective advertising platform. With the use of ads, businesses have the potential reach of over a billion users.

Facebook ads don't target keywords, like Google Adwords. Facebook ads take advantage of user profiles to target likes and interests. This leads to a more personal targeting of the user for any and all ad campaigns.

There are 3 simple tips to make the most of Facebook Ads.

1) Broader use of social context.

Using Facebook Fanpages, business ad campaigns are 2 - 3 times more effective within the Facebook platform. Advertising a Fanpage to get likes and present valuable content to users, makes prospects out of visitors.

Using Fanpages allows a longer term bond with potential customers. This brings out greater interaction from visitors, to gradually push them into becoming a reader, customer, volunteer or donor. Facebook ads are awesome in finding new fans for your site.

2) Using great images, avoiding logos

Facebook ads generally have more features than Google Adwords. You are able to use images with Facebook, to be a greater attention grabber. Creating attention allows the funneling users somewhere else. This brings more focus on the product being presented.

Logos are not exactly the best thing to use to grab attention. Day in and day out, we are overwhelmed with logos. After a while everyone become blind to them. However, if you use a striking piece of photography (picture) then you have the advantage of getting someones attention.

What type of images to use? 

Simple, bold colors, great landscape, clear shapes, and close ups. If you use panoramics views, do it for the symbolic value rather than an aesthetic one.
An image alone won't get it, using text inside the image has greater pop to it. Even though this will cover up parts of the image, you will get your point across with greater effeciency.

3) Check Ads Daily and don't be afraid to Tweak them.

There is no point in running Facebook Ads if you're not willing to learn and adjust for maximum effect. Facebook analytically statistics are easy to understand and easy to use. Just setting up an ad and letting it run without checking it is just insane.

You are able to adjust any and every aspects of your ad. With statistics, you can figure out what and what is not working. Sometimes you might have to change the wording or even the targeting.

Daily checks on your ads is okay, however, make changes on a weekly basis. This allows a strong timeline to track ad performance. Also, when making adjustments, only change one or two things at a time.

I hope this gives you a helpful hand for your Facebook Ad campaigns. The only way your going to get this is to actually give it a try.

Until next time, Happy Marketing! 

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