Thursday, April 12, 2018

Way Of The Blogger - Writing For Self Or Others

The Evolution of Blogging. It use to be something bloggers did to express themselves. However, now it's used to highlighting a particular topic for promoting products. This brings an interesting point. Way of the blogger - writing for self or others. Simply put, are you going to start a blog that is more personal or more business?

Today blogs are written around a certain topic. This topic can be something you are passionate about or something primarily for the sake of earning an income. Believe it or not, a blog can be both. In both ways you can write to gain a following and promote products/services related to your topic.

Blogging is, in fact, a business. This is the way I see it, time involved in research and writing can be a full-time job. Even now, I only post once or twice a week to my blog, it takes up a good deal of time. While I'm working a full-time job, I find it hard to have the disipline to write and post like I should. For me writing is easy enough, however, I have to research and stay on top of SEO methods.

Another part of blogging is marketing. After posting I have to post to Social Media sites to spread the word. Recently I start using Crowdfire for this purpose. Not only do I post my articles to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. I have increased my following in each of these social media sites.

For ranking my blog on Google I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate. The training is amazing. I've learned more about Keyword Research and different ways of blogging. You also learn more about SEO and really the basics behind affiliate marketing.

There are two types of blogs: free and self-hosted blogs. Examples of free blogs are Wordpress or Blogger. These are good for starting out with, just to get your feet wet. Self-hosted blogs require buying a domain name and pay for hosting. The down side is the cost, the upside is that no one or nothing can take it away from you. The free blogs you're at the mercy of Wordpress or Blogger. You never know when they will shut your blog down for violation of Terms of Service.

You should look into going Self-hosted blog. Speaking of which, Wealthy Affiliate is also a blogging platform. If you are a Free member you are allowed 2 sites. As a Premium member you can create up to 50 sites. This alone is worth the $49/mo. subscription along with the training provided.

To monetize your blog, you just search for products related to your topic and check to see if an affiliate program is provided. Most people sign-up to Amazon. The beautiful part of Amazon is that even if a person doesn't buy what you're selling, you can still make commissions on anything else they buy.

This is just a little glimpse into blogging. Way of the blogger - writing for self or others. There is always an opportunity for making money blogging. And keep in mind, the awesome blogging platform offered from Wealthy Affiliate. To Learn More Click the Banner Below and Check it out! Cheers!

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