Sunday, September 21, 2014

Writing Your Autoresponder Follow Up Messages

Writing Your Autoresponder Follow Up Messages

An important and exciting component to using your autoresponder are the follow up messages. Follow up messages serve to introduce your product and service to a subscriber. Most visitors won’t make a purchase on the first visit. It might take more than 6 or 7 visits to close the deal. With the right type of follow up campaign, you can keep them interested to make a sale.
It’s no great secret that a follow up message must have a compelling headline. A compelling headline can capture the attention of a reader, making them to want to read the rest of the message. Most people will open an email if the headline is exciting and interesting.

The use of personalized messages are attention grabbers also. Using the subscribers name and other information will make them intrigued with opening an email. Personalizing messages are easy with the use of special codes embedded into the message. When the subscriber reads the message, their personal information is in place of the code.
Your first message should be an introduction message. With this message you should give a preview on what is expected here on. You can further give information on your company. The first follow up message sets the tone for the messages to follow.
The second follow up message should give a little more on your product or service. Explain what your product does and how it can benefit them. From here on, you should put added emphasis on your products and services. Your job is to convince your subscriber that they need your product.
Comparing other products to yours can further ensure a sale. Showing how your product shines above the rest will give the customer confidence that your the best pick. Once you get satisfied customers then you can use testimonials for greater credibility. With these satisfied customers under your belt, credibility is almost viral.
With each message, it is a good idea to leave a teaser for the next message. This sets them up for the next message. You should include your contact and order information within each message, for customer service purposes.
With some thought and creative flow for your follow up messages, you can rack up customers. Your customer base will grow and your business revenue will increase with it.

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