Saturday, October 27, 2018

Marketing Videos On YouTube - Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing has been successfully used to driving targeted traffic to blogs, websites, opt-in pages and affiliate links. Many small businesses have used video marketing to increase their brand as well as bring in customers. Using this strategy along with social media, can increase the flow of targeted and qualified leads to any business. This is called Marketing Videos On YouTube - Video Marketing Strategies.

There are other types of videos you might find on YouTube. Silly videos might get a lot of views, but they are not useful as far as getting targeted traffic. These comedic videos are good for an income using  Google's Adsense. This is only because of the large volume of viral traffic. The smarter creators of these videos eventually  brand themselves and branch out into acting and online stores.

As an Affiliate marketer, you might want to  consider making videos that are tightly targeted to your niche. Such as a real estate agent would make a video introducing themselves and showing some available homes  for sell. Software developers should create a video demonstrating their latest app.

What is the most important advantage of videos? Well, Google along with other search engines, are giving sites like YouTube a higher priority for ranking. This  means that if you upload a video onto YouTube and properly optimized it, it will rank on the first page easily. Not only will it rank on Google, but also rank on YouTube's own search engine. As a matter of  fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Now, you might ask "how do I get viewers of  my video over to my website?" Well, that's  easy, you just provide a link in the description of the video. But, to insure you get people over to your website, you can offer a "Bribe".

What type of Bribe?

- Offer something of value for free. A consultation, a report, a product, a demo version, MP3 download, etc.

- A Poll or Survey to expose a problem they  might have that your site can solve. At the end of the Poll or Survey, offer a freebie for participation.

- Give them enough information in your video to entice them to visit your site to get the complete story.

The idea is to get these viewers while they're still hot to go on to your site. Not every viewer will follow thru, but there will be enough that will go to your site and convert to leads and/or buyers.

What kind of video should you make? There are review videos, explainer videos, demo videos or even intro videos. Anything that is talking about your niche or product to get them interested into taking that next step. I myself, don't feel comfortable with  getting on camera so I create animation and flash image videos to grab attention.

One particular piece of software I use is Animation Studio. This software allows you to use ready made templates and figures to create excellent explainer videos. You can use the voices on file or make your own voice over. Click Here for a Great Demo Video and if you're interested, Click the Link in the Description to Get Instant Access!